Recruitment Notice: Montessori Teacher

REQUIREMENTS FOR MONTESSORI TEACHERS: – Number of recruits: 1. – Female, good communication ability, clear communication, standard pronunciation, enthusiastic, dynamic, really loves children, has patience, loves the pedagogical environment, wants to stick with the school for a long time.– Qualification: Graduated from University majoring in early childhood education, has an international Montessori teacher training certificate. […]


The Japan International School is recruiting for the position of “School Psychologist” with the following requirements: 1. Recruiter: School psychologist: 🔻 Eligibility Criteria: – Education: Bachelor, graduate majoring in psychology; Experience: 2 years or more working experience in a school counselor position at bilingual and international schools. 🔻 Priority advantages: – Participated in training courses […]


About Japanese International School (JIS) JIS is an international K-12 School built upon the Japanese educational model and a combination of Japanese education and Cambridge International program. This is the first advanced education model that takes personality education as the core value, with the desire to gradually spread in Vietnam. At the same time, the […]

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