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Mr. Philip Milner holds the position of Vice-Chancellor and Director of Cambridge International Programs (CIP).

The Board of Directors of Japan International School is pleased to announce:

Mr. Philip Milner holds the position of Vice-Chancellor and Director of Cambridge International Programs (CIP). He will come to work at the School from the next academic year 2022-2023.

The main information about the Master is as follows:

British nationality

  • Academically: Mr. Philip holds UK qualifications:
  • Master of Education (International Education) – University of Bath, UK, 2014
  • Postgraduate Teaching Certificate in Education – University of Newcastle, UK, 1993
  • Quality Teacher Certificate (QTS) – Department of Education, UK, 1993
  • Bachelor of Religion in History – University of Newcastle, UK, 1992
  • Achieved 3 Grade A certificates (religious studies, history and English literature) – Bradfield College, UK, 1988
  • Professional development courses I have attended recently:
  • Training for School Leaders (LSC Education Consultant), 2021.
  • Apple Teacher Recognition (Apple Education), 2021
  • Support Workers’ Wellbeing (Education), 2020
  • Keeping Safe Online Online (Educare). 2020
  • Safer Recruitment for International Schools (Educare), 2020
  • Raising Awareness about Peer Abuse (Educare), 2020
  • Child Protection Basics for International School Level 2 (Education), 2020
  • Mental Health in Children and Young People – Level 2 (Education), 2020
  • Distance Learning for International Schools: Welfare Support (Apple Education), 2020
  • School Management Software (iSAMS), 2019
  • Leading Innovation Summit in Singapore (Apple Education), 2019
  • Innovation @School – Personalization and Learners Authority, Kuala Lumpur (Apple Education), 2018
  • About experience: Mr. Philip Milner is a professionally trained teacher and education leader in the UK with 28 years of experience.
  • With leadership and management experience, he has held the following positions: High School Principal, Vice Principal, Division Head, pastoral and academic leadership positions, and bilingual school leader.
  • Teaching experience includes National Curriculum (UK), GCSE, IGCSE, A Level & IB DP, American Curriculum, India.
  • Subject teachers for all ages: History and Geography (ages 11 to 18), Global Perspectives (ages 14 to 16), Religious Studies (ages 11 to 16), Physics theory of knowledge (ages 16 to 18), ICT (ages 11 to 14) and PSHE (ages 11 to 16).
  • Extensive experience in teaching English as a Second Language (EAL) supplementary programs.
  • Worked in eight countries: UK, Nepal, Ukraine, Tanzania, Vietnam, India, Bahrain, Malaysia.

The Board of Directors of Japan International School believes in its expertise in formal education and training in the UK, which has been constantly updated and improved recently, along with long-term teaching and leadership experience in many countries. countries, including Vietnam, with the coordination and support of Mr. Kendal – Deputy Director of the Cambridge International Program, Mr. Philip Milner will make active and effective contributions in his important role as a facilitator. Lead the Cambridge International Program.

Thank you very much for the attention and support of parents, students, teachers and school staff.

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