Message from the Principal

Greetings From Mr. Nakayama Kimio – The Principal Of Japanese International School (JIS)

It is my honor to have an opportunity to work at Japanese International School. This year marks our 5th year in operation with clear mottos and orientation. At JIS, we have two main courses which are Japanese International Programme (JIP) and Cambridge International Programme (CIP) available for Kindergarten children to High school students. Our core value is personality education with Japanese style manners and morals as foundation. Our students acquire knowledge and skills; they are educated to think from their own point of view, put themselves in the position of others, and collaborate in both individual and group activities.

Furthermore, our aim is to nuture young generation with good personality and a soul filled with the pride and love for their homecountry – Vietnam. Along with the curriculum, we help our students hone their skills, positive thinking methods, personal skill as well as physical training offered.

After the graduation, JIS students are expected to be global citizens who will be a bridge connecting Vietnam and Japan as well as other countries around the world.

With my long-term experience in eduational training and management, my goal is to accompany with the staff and teachers and to be able to contribute to the further development of JIS adhered to the philosophy, goals and orientation of the school.


Nakayama Kimio.

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