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Many emotions on the day of returning to school of “JIS Kindergartens”

After a year of staying at home to avoid the Covid-19 epidemic, today, April 13, 2022, JIS “Preschools” were returned to school with joy and excitement.

To prepare to welcome the children back, JIS teachers conducted a general cleaning of the whole school, disinfected classrooms, toys, and learning tools according to the disease prevention standards of the Ministry of Health. .

On the first day back to class, young JIS was re-learned proper manners such as how to neatly arrange shoes and backpacks in their own lockers, how to greet teachers and how to make new friends. After that, the children heard reading ehon stories – a typical Japanese culture, interwoven with learning and playing activities.

Coming back today, there were many emotions, smiles, and tears when saying goodbye to the parents of the “Preschool” on the first day of school. But soon, the children will consider JIS as their second home, and look forward to playing and studying with teachers and friends more.

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