Reasons to choose JIS


1. Students are educated in character, manners and routines according to Japanese standards, knowing how to use them in harmony with Vietnamese culture to live a civilized and healthy life in a multicultural environment.

2. Developing profound and creative intelligence; Always ask yourself, don’t judge and blame others (Wisdom). Students are trained to behave, respect the position of the other party, always think before acting and before speaking, always put themselves in the position of the listener.
3. Experienced teachers from Japan and European countries.
4. Enjoy advanced learning programs from Japan, Cambridge to access modern education in the future.
5. Balancing cognitive and intellectual development with physical development, fostering comprehensive scientific knowledge.
6. The learning needs of each student are always recognized and respected by the teachers.
7. Students gain hands-on learning that enhances their ability to develop, express, and experience confidently. At JIS, students are trained in manners and manners in daily activities.
8. Student cooperation and teamwork form the ethical foundation of JIS in being a global citizen.
9. Fluently use Vietnamese, Japanese and English to be able to study abroad in Japan or English-speaking countries; qualified and capable to become a global citizen.

10. Good nutrition, scientific way of eating, using clean food sources from JIS’s farm and vegetable garden to serve in all meals.

Japan International School.

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