Unique painting session “from ink to flowers” by Japanese teachers

In the September 12th Art lesson, students in Year 6, 7, 8 JIP painted the flowers by using ink and water on paper under the guidance of Japanese teachers.

Year 6,7 students take photos with their work

“Art Sumi” is a painting method using Chinese ink. It is currently very popular in many places. It is achieved by varying the ink density, both by differential grinding of the ink stick in water and by varying the ink load and pressure within a single brushstroke (Wikipedia). This painting method helps to train painters to be careful, meticulous, sophisticated, creative and sincere sentiment of painters are hidden deep in layers of ink.

In the September 12th Art lesson, students in Year 6, 7, and 8 of JIP have access to "Art Sumi" through volunteers from Japan under the international exchange program. They are excited about this fascinating lesson.

Mr. Nobu, Ms. Tashiko, Ms. Mai … are the instructors at the beginning of the lesson, they talk about the famous sight-seeing spots of Japan. The learning tools are carefully prepared; like the way they paint a picture. Each set of paper, brushes, absorbent paper, cloth, Chinese ink are arranged and delivered to each student.

Children use ink and water to create their own works. Patterns form lines, the intensity of the ink varies, make them look like daisies after a long time working meticulously. They will paste their work on fans and write their favourite words on it. Throughout this lesson, students are trained to be meticulous, sophisticated, creative, approaching a new art from things that seem so simple and ordinary.

Below are some pictures of this unique lesson:

Mr. Nobu instructs and gives an example under the magnifying camera for students to observe

Students will use Chinese ink to make their own works

Ms. Tashiko watches and gives detailed instruction to students. The communication is 100% in Japanese.

Some students could not create beautiful works

Students focus on their works with Chinese ink

After a long time of concentration, some works have been finished

Beautiful daisies created by ink wash on paper

The lesson is fun and fascinating

Ms. Toshiko guides students to paste their works on fans

Students choose to write anything they want on the fan

Drafting before writing on the fan

Cut and paste daisies on the fan

Students are highly concentrated

The beautiful artwork of Xuan Quang, Year 8 JIP student

Students are very excited about their works on fans

The ink wash painting method stimulate imagination and creativity in students

Students take photos with their teachers

Phuong Chi