The traditional Japanese cuisine is among various intangible cultural heritages recognised by UNESCO. Nonetheless, not everyone knows certain rules while enjoying unique dishes coming from the land of the rising sun.

As a student at Japanese International School, the children need this knowledge more than anyone. Besides the practice of table manners in Western style, on June 7th, 2018, grade 7 joined an interesting practice session in Japanese style at Daewoo Hotel, Hanoi.

Prior to the meal, Mr. Sasano – Vice Rector instructed the students carefully on table manners, such as: no elbow on the table, do not use hands to catch dropping food, do not overturn the bowl lid, avoid biting food in half, do not put food up too high. Especially the way to use chopsticks in the meal is noted: do not put chopsticks across the bowl, do not swing chopsticks around or touch the food if you do not intend to pick it up, do not use the other end of chopsticks to pick up food, etc. Before eating people will say "itadakimasu" means "please enjoy everyone". End the meal by saying "gochisōsama deshita" means "thank you for the meal". This shows respect for the chef and also the ingredients for the dish.

The meal went on in a light and warm atmosphere…The words of the Chairman left a strong impression on those who were there. At the end, he said: “In the future, if you become a politician or a businessman…you will join many parties. The practice today will prevent you from feeling confused and making faux-pas in communication, which is one of the keys to success.