Welcome Cambridge Teachers To JIS Community

We are pleased to announce that a group of carefully selected new foreign teachers will soon join the staff of JIS to supplement the Cambridge International Programme (CIP) and the English Department. All are fully certified teachers with good previous teaching experience and excellent references.

The first teacher to arrive is Mr Carl Halford on Friday 1st June. Mr Halford has almost 20 years teaching experience in UK, Russia and China and holds a Masters Degree as well as a Teaching Diploma and is British.

He will soon be joined by Mr Ian Bain who is also British and has 6 years teaching experience, Mrs Nina Siddiqui, another British national who also has a Masters Degree and more than 20 years teaching experience , including teaching in the Middle East, Ms Lisa Sweeney who is from Manchester, Mr Patrick O’Donnchadha who is a national of Ireland and Mr Kevin Dyer, an American who has over 20 years experience and has recently been working in Thailand.

As the school quickly expands we will be employing more foreign staff.

The foreign teachers will be aided by bilingual Vietnamese Teacher Assistants who are fully certified teachers in Vietnam. 

Please welcome our new staff to the JIS Faculty.

Japanese International School