Message from Principal

Message from Principal

On behalf of the school’s teachers and staffs, it is my pleasure to introduce to you and students about the school which is designed to provide a comprehensive Japanese education program to pupils with comprehensive development in terms of knowledge, morale, physical, aesthetic and aesthete for independent thinking, moral inner depth, confidence, creativity, team working ability, andhigh sense of community andability to integrate into the “flat” world.

If a person was born as a white paper, education is a process of writing on this paper all the necessary things.Which is to establish ethics, personality and cognition; and while we are to think that there are both good and bad things during a person’s growth process, education is needed in order to promote the good side and limit the bad side which helps to make a person to understand themselves and others and to control themselves, and able to position himself in the society in relation with other people and with the outside world.

With our motto as “Learning can be joyful and students must enjoy”, the provided curriculum is the connection between building confidence, learning skills, ways of thinking, the results of physical and life skill training in a joyful environment. The pupils are equipped with the advanced learning methods and skills such as fast reading, mind mapping, memory training and use both hemispheres in the study. We strongly believe that all our students will become elite, full of compassionate, imaginary, creativity, and success in school and future life.

For kindergarten school, the curriculum is based on early education with the harmonious combination of Japanese education, Montessori and Shichida – focus on balancing both brain hemispheres. For higher education, Japanese methodology and curriculum of education is applied.

As a Vietnamese, pupils need to master Vietnamese language in order to think, speak fluently in their mother tongue, and able to understand national history and geography and behave in line with the Viet Nam’s national traditions/customs. On the other hand, if students do not master foreign languages, they will not be able to integrate into the “flat” world and absorb the knowledge hub of the mankind. As a saying, “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” – Charlemagne, our students will be equipped with English and Japanese as a second and third language (with Viet-Jap-Eng International Education) or influent in English as a second language (with Viet-Eng Bilingual Education) in order to be more proactive in integrating with and actively and confidently getting the best from the civilized world

I strongly believe that Japanese International School will be one of the leading schools in Vietnam in all aspects: full and modern facilities; a group of teachers, who mostly are Japanese, American and some national teachers, are devoted and exemplary, being models for students with good academic education from over-sea and experience in teaching; the school uses advanced and unique teaching & learning methodology of Japan. All of these things will create an ideal environment which will help to motivate students love going to school and become good citizens and excellent future university students who are able to think and act independently as well as with team working ability and have capacity to become elite citizens, respected business man, scientists and managers in the future.

Once again, welcome all parents and students.Wish you all the success in your training, study and always feel proud of yourself as well as your beloved Japanese International School!

Prof. Tadashi Yamada