Tears and lessons on the JIS soccer pitch

Tears fell on the faces of Japan International School's (JIS) soccer players during their first friendly match after losing 4-0 to the Vietnam Australia International School (VAS). Sadness and tears are understandable because this concerns their pride and their sincere love for football, but  what ismore important is what they learned from this match.

On the morning of Saturday September 29th, at the 5th-floor football pitch of JIS, a friendly football match was arranged between JIS students and the Vietnam Australia International School’s (VAS) students.

JIS team wore blue soccer uniforms

This is the first time that any JIS team has played in a friendly match. JIS football pitch on the 5th floor of the Secondary building has great ambience and astro-turf that meets European standards.

The VAS team wore red soccer uniforms. They conducted warm-up exercises before the game

Right from the first few minutes, the VAS team organized their good attack tactics

While the VAS team was well organized, our home team revealed weaknesses in the squad's organization. Yet Xuan Phuc and Gia Khanh as striker made efforts to prevent VAS from scoring.

Meanwhile, the defenders of JIS team weakened so the guest team attacked the JIS goal several times.

In the 40-minute match, the players were highly concentrated. The home team organized some nice shots but could not overcome the defence of the VAS team.

With good play, methodical team formation and greater  physical strength, the VAS team won 4-0.

During the match, the home team tried to score but their many shots weren’t successful.

Losing to a more experienced opponent, the home team was able to draw several lessons from this first match.

Football is a team sport. In order to score successfully, players have to cooperate harmoniously.

The guest team had better spirit and coordination between the players to create skilful shots. Those are things the JIS team needs to learn from.

The VAS goal keeper was highly appreciated by his team mates for blocking difficult shots from the home team

Although Xuan Phuc was capable of doing well and creating many dangerous situations in the field but he lacked teamwork, often he was surrounded by opponents.

Gia Khanh was the smallest boy in the JIS team but one of the few who could reach the ball and launch an attack on the other team.

In football, team spirit and good cooperation are vital. JIS football team needs more practice to better understand one another.

Dinh Ngon made efforts to defend the goal in many dangerous situations created by the VAS team. However, he seemed stressed and distracted after the first conceded score.

The JIS players tried their best. The weak points revealed in the first match is good for the whole team to practice and change.

To reach a high level, anyone has to go through the hardest first steps. It takes a long time before we can mature.

Failure always give us valuable lessons, not only in soccer but also in life.

Our students played with all their heart and their love for football as well as their school.

During half-time, teachers and parents encouraged the JIS players to be more stable in the second half. "As long as we have time, we can change things!" they called.

Every match will train the spirit of solidarity and stability for JIS players.

In the second half, JIS players held many attacks on the opponent’s team…

… but were met with fierce defence from the VAS team.

In the 2nd half, the JIS team played better compared to the 1st half.

The JIS team was cheered enthusiastically from parents in the audience.

Dinh Ngon tried hard to prevent our opponents from scoring.

The JIS football team needs more practice in discipline and cooperation

JIS players started to move more swiftly

Left behind the initial awkward, some JIS players became bolder and attacked the other team more in the 2nd half.

The friendly match helped JIS football team learn several things from the other team. From how to “set up the team formation” to the cooperation and strong spirit to create chances and shoot.

To perform better in the future, JIS footballers need more time to practice with a detailed plan which should emphasize solidarity, discipline and strong spirit.

The encouragement of teachers and parents is very important. After the match today, tears have fallen but we learned valuable lessons. " As long as we have time, we can change things!" – JIS team please believe in that and work harder.