Students deliver presentations in English: “This wonderful teaching method should be multiplied” 

That is most parents’ opinion when they came to the English presentation on Chocolate as part of Year 4 students’ Global Perspectives topic in the morning of November the 2nd. 

Students worked in groups of 2 or 3 and prepared their power points under the instruction of Ms. Nina Siddiqui

Proud of our students!

Prior to this presentation, students had very interesting lessons about chocolate, where they worked in groups of 2 or 3 and did research with dedication and effort under the guidance of Ms. Nina Siddiqui (Class teacher) and Mr. Sidney Rose (Vice Principal – Director of CIP). Applying the knowledge learned in class, students looked up on Google for all there is to know about Chocolate and used powerpoint to present them, such as the ingredients, chocolate making, origins and where to find a lot of cocoa trees, as well as 6 stages in the process (Trees -> Pods -> Beans -> Factory -> Shops and Fair Trade)…

“Over a period of several weeks, students have researched countries which are the highest producers of chocolate. Utilised atlases and maps to develop mapping and geographical skills. In Maths, bar charts and pictograms were created to show the class favourite chocolate bar.  Students also had many opportunities to develop skills in Art, especially sketching, shading and designing their own chocolate wrapper. ICT skills were developed further by students having to copy and paste texts into their power point.  They were also required to insert photos/images as well as use special effects to improve the quality and visual appearance of their power point before sharing the contents with the class” said Ms. Siddiqui and concluded: “I am immensely proud of my Year 4 class and their accomplishments to-date.”

To speak in front of everyone is an experience through which students can learn how to be more confident and mature

According to Mr. Sidney Rose, students use English for presentations to promote their English skills and to practice self-confidence in public speaking. "Our students did well in the presentation today. Their confidence and language skills were remarkable given that some had very little English at the start of the program. This is fantastic! It was an ideal opportunity for all students to show how much they had grown as learners in the Cambridge International Program", said Mr. Rose.

This teaching method should be multiplied

Several parents were delighted to see the improvements in their children. Mr. Nguyen Hong Quan (father of Moc Mien) commented that normally, students sit and listen to their teachers, but today, 9-year-old students stand up and speak confidently in front of everyone. That is a huge progress. “I think whether their English is good or not is not as important as the fact that they have worked hard and collaborated with each other in the past few weeks. It seems like they are not learning English but are learning new knowledge in English”, he shared.

Ms. Lan Phuong (mother of Bao Minh) said students learned how to work together, to step back giving way to their friends in the presentation. “Seeing those things makes me happy. Students are taught how to work in a team as well as on their own. When they know to collaborate, they will become closer to each other. Like Bao Minh, he insisted on going to his group’s study sessions at weekends”, she told us. Parents agreed that this wonderful teaching method should be encouraged and spread. Students are given a topic, they have time to do research and collect information, finally a summary session. Students will be excited and more creative in each lesson.

Parents could see very clearly the improvements in their children through this presentation

Speaking at the end of the presentation, Mr. Rose commented: “Their confidence and language skills were remarkable. It was an ideal opportunity for all students to show how much they had grown as learners in the Cambridge International Program”

All Year 4 CIP students took a photo with their teachers and parents

Parents agreed that this wonderful teaching method should be encouraged and spread

Video: Some parts in the presentation of Year 4 CIP students

Thanh Trung