Students are interested in exploring marine life in the heart of… Hanoi

On the morning of October 12th, Year 6 students of the Cambridge International Programme, Japanese International School (JIS) had a study session at the aquarium Vinpearlland – a famous place in Hanoi with many aquatic species. Students expressed their interest in observing and learning about a world of creatures that they saw for the first time.

Year 6 CIP students expressed their interest in observing first-hand the animals that were only heard through books and movies.

A practical learning session on underwater ecosystem, which was part of Science syllabus, was organized under the direction of Mr. Carl Halford and his colleagues. Prior to that, they had had a practical learning session at the JIS farm to learn about the animals in the sky and on the ground. After this session at the aquarium, students will work on ecological posters and ….

Below are some pictures of this study session:

After delivering the equipment to the students, Mr. Carl Halford asked them to put paper, plastic bags into the bin and not to litter.

Students are excited and ready for this interesting lesson.

Charging more energy before they start exploring the aquarium

Mr. Carl explained research content to students.​​​

They begin the exploration journey with freshwater fish area

Students focus on observing and taking notes carefully.

They are excited to see the Antarctic penguin

Discovering new things about marine species …

… students concentrate on taking notes

Students observe how to feed the fishes

They carefully take notes like actual scientists

Class photo taken after the lesson.

Video: Year 6 students in Cambridge International Programme explore aquatic species

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