Shichida Method of Education

Shichida Makoto author is director of Shichida Company and Chairman cum Consultant of Shichida Child Academy, a member of United State Academy Academician. Succeeding to great man’s career from his father, the author has contributed to the development of early childhood education since 1958. He has published 160 books and received numerous awards in Japan and international awards such as: Socio-Cultural Award in April 1997 for individuals with outstanding achievements in six different areas, including: art, fine art, religion, social welfare, culture and education; International Science Grand Prix in July 1997, World Science Council evaluated the method of education Shichida brain is one of the best educational theory; The Order of the Grand Knight for the Distinguished Service of the World Peach in December 1997; Commander of the Order of the Federative of Brazil in October 1998; Wellness Medicine Award in March, 2003, award is awarded to those who are serving the physical health and spiritual man, and are contributing to the Global Peace organization for many years, and Higashi-Kuninomiya Memorial Award in June 2003, This award is awarded to individuals who focused on the importance of creative ideas, the intellectual property development and devote maximum effort for innovative education.

The combination of fun in the lessons cannot be a new method to the parents, but not all of us are well aware that the lessons of how to effect the brain development of the child, he went deep research and development. In particular, he has studied in depth each stage of child development, stage of development of the right hemisphere, the left-brain and put appropriate educational methods for each period. Shichida is a method that nourishes the soul, the love to people, the dream and wills. Shichida confirmed that the educational process is not just imparting knowledge as we are doing now, which should have a significant change in the process of nurturing learning ability, the capacity to think, viability and survival. Taking “intellectual education, moral education and physical education” as the basis to educate whole personality and development of right brain.

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left one is to process issues related to argument, logic (mathematics), events, language, string of numbers, analysis; the right one processes issues related to creative, photography, music, dreams, imagination, color and emotion. Those with more dominant left-brain development often are rational, analytical favorite, favorite natural subjects, reasoning, learning and working methods, linear thinking and logical reasoning, but also easy machine thinking and lack of creativity. Those with more dominant right brain development is often very creative, fond of emotional life, like different than others, solving difficult situations and extraordinary ease, like abstract thinking, love technology arts (music, painting, art), but or resolve work intuitively and lack of logic. Those with both of developed hemispheres will have their life, way of thinking argues more balanced and standards. Unfortunately, at present the courses, teaching and learning methods are focused on helping our left-brain development.

Shichida believes that the educational development of the right brain is not just focused on the child’s academic achievement, but one of its miraculous results that all children are developing a gentle mind and harmony, children will manifest their diversity, sensitivity, humanity, imagination and creativity. It nourishes the love, creates the unity of the senses (auditory, visual, tactile, etc) and it is important that the excellent cooperation between parents and their children. Early learning and education of right brain development will shape the future of the world, because one of the goals of education is to create a better world. This is the natural result of the development of the right brain education, learning methods based on love and cooperation. In contrast, the “left-brain development education of is to create rivalry and competition” – Shichida. Recently in the Japanese school, they are interested in teaching and training students, before speaking and acting, they should think and judge their partners how to think, how to respond? In other word, they should put themselves in the shoes of others before speaking and acting so as not to hurt them. Shichida who is interested and who initiates the kind of education so that the right brain and left brain are balanced. Shichida method on right brain education was registered to be the world intellectual property in December 1997 by the world peace organization. Currently, this method has been very popular in Japan; however, if it would like to teach in accordance with Shichida method, it must be required copyright.

1)     Shichida Makoto’s message

The process of education of is not the only imparting knowledge, as we are doing now, which is a large variation in the process of nurturing learning ability, the capacity to think, able to live and survive. Currently this method is very popular in Japan.

Only by imparting knowledge we cannot nourish a rich young hearts, the parents’ education to their children is important. We must recognize the whole process of childcare, from teaching in their childhood to care their soul, as well as issues related to later learning.

The children nurturing must be started by nurturing the love at the time of birth to nurturing their will and dreams; method of education to guide children how to praise, or how to create patience, etc. Then, we need to think about a longer nurturing process, which is moral education and how they can devote themselves to our society.

Education of knowledge and education of wills are certainly very necessary, beside that, we need to educate their soul to love people, their emotional, and how to apply themselves to become useful human”.

Shichida method of education is a method of education for nourishing the soul, “intellectual education, moral education and physical education” as the basis to educate whole personality and development of right brain. Shichida also believe that all of us are likely to have the same right brain; the responsibility of parents and teachers is to “release” initial potential to become the ability that any child can develop to the fullest extent through education (“release innate ability of the children”). The brain education is not to focus on academic achievement, but one of magic results is all children who are learned with this method shall gently and harmoniously develop their mind. Children shall start expressing their diversity, sensitivity, humanity, imagination and creativity.  This is natural result of right-brain education, learning method based on the love and cooperation – Shichida method.

Education is still expected to three key objectives including intellectual education, moral education and physical education. Shichida method has another objective that is “Practical education”.

Children who have a habit of eating arbitrary activities often do not have good learning abilities; therefore, the study will remain unable to bring high results.

It should be thought that people need to be strong in both physical and mind, social knowledge and communication ability.

From an early age, children need to have a way of thinking put yourself in the position of others, not himself prime attention, self-satisfied about you.

The children born in the families with 3 or more siblings are considered the same as living in a society in miniature, we always have to compromise, love one another, and that this nature has equipped themselves necessary social knowledge. However, if in the smaller family, this experience will be very limited.

To educate that children should not be complacent, they should always think about other feelings, let them read comics, or actively participate in activities with other children in their same age.

To create condition for children to learn in the best condition, health on both physical and soul; children who have more passion shall be more efficient in their learning.

If they are confident and get the reaction of their partners (parents, teachers) in right way, the learning shall become a fun and children shall be self-conscious in their learning.

The best time to promote their basic ability is when they are just a little, before their primary school. This is the golden age for the most appropriate approach, and if parents and children can happily find harmony, gradually the natural capacity that will be promoted.


2)     Characteristics of each age and approach method

§  In the age of zero – Period of rapid growth everyday, the brain is rapidly grown.

Characteristics of 0-year-old children

      0 year old is “hard neck” period, starts “e a”, “lying face”, “teething”, this is the stage of rapid growth that can be seen with the naked eye. However, the parts has developed so quickly that surprised that we cannot see with the naked eye, it is brain. This is the most amazing time, children begin to recognize the life of this world and gradually know of the things. This phase nourishes children with love, by stroking, caressing.


      Approach method to children in age of 0

      Train the quality of brain that receives stimulation, starts with teaching them to appreciate the 5 senses is very important, especially as combined hearing and vision will teach young highly effective. Children gradually expose to letters, numbers and words.

      Massaging is method to bring the love to children, makes children feel secure. Especially after their birth, the massage immediately will make a healthy the body become energetic, capable of preventing disease.

      Let them listen to gently songs by Mozart that makes mellow soul, brain stimulation.

§  In the age of 1 year old – Not to narrow “learning environment”


Characteristics of children in the age of 1

1 year old is penetration period that is like a 1-year-old is gradually know stage is like a sponge absorbing water itself, it penetrates everything it sees, hears. The more seen, heared things, more stimulation, the more opportunity for brain development. This is the period to gradually absorb everything access.


      Approach method for children in age of 1

1-year-old is called experimental phase, children can throw, or pull something, and this is the time nurturing the outstanding capabilities. In the children’s ability, ask the children clean up unnecessary items and rearrange everything around him gently, avoid being scolded harshly.

      In addition, from 1 year and 8 months, children are conscious spontaneous learning, maintaining a sense this gives your child independence.

      Create to stimulate the brain through lessons using pictures, dotted card, memory card (read digits, named objects are written on the card drawing, and rotates at a speed as fast as possible). This card is also effective competition to improve their vocabulary (vocabulary).


§  In the age of 02 years old – 2 years old is genius period, the period of opportunity

 Characteristics of children in the age of 2

2 years of age is the period of genius, and is rapid development period to 3 years. Waking up early in the morning until late at night when going to bed, conscious desire to learn things such as “want to be physically active”, “want to learn the word”, “want to do good things around him” is lost, and instead want to do everything by themselves. Parents do not need to say that let them do things as simple as dressing, eating properly as they are thinking about. If possible, always praise your child; give children the confidence and passion.


       Approach method for children in age of 2

      This is the best time to teach children skills of the fingers. Give children a fun approach to the rope, scissors, or the puzzle. The first practice with fingers is also a good way to stimulate the brain.

This time can reach the ability to remember. Let’s equip themselves the ability to remember things that are useful for life

Start allowing them to concentrate on writing basic letters. Let’s start from scribble. If parents intend for children to learn music, start in the age of 2-3..

§  In the age of 3 – Period of independence

Characteristics of children in the age of 3

3 years old is the time when superiority of brain shall be moved from right to left, therefore, impove their thinking. Give them independence away from their parents, whom they often stick so far, so they can judge for yourself, or let your child to do what they want. Let’s help children grow up happily, leave himself without a protest against them. By fully conveyed the love of the mother, the child will feel secure to independence.                

      Approach method to children in the age of 3

3 years old is the age of thinking. If they are regularly played games which requires their thinking, their brain shall be improved.

Learn to give the answer after the concentrate on the pictures. The frequent use of pictures will be able to equip children natural habits.

To let themselves think, let them read comics, and direct them to think with the suggestion “How will they if you are main character”.

This is a delicate time skills such as the use of scissors. Let’s create the environment to be able to equip children the skills to use the fingers as using scissors, wire ligation, fumble, or folded paper. 

§  In the age of 4 years old – This is the peak period to nourish creativity as well as prominent personalities

Characteristics of children in the age of 4

This is the period of protest. Indeed, this is not a bad thing, but just because children want to grow up myself, wants to do things by feeling, thinking and preferences of themselves. In addition, it is very necessary to nourish their outstanding personality. This is also time of strong curiosity, children have questions of “why”, it can be seen that children say as wind in this period. This proves that children are very happy. Nurture the ability that shall not be lost when children is in the age of 5

 Approach method to children in the age of 4

      It can be seen that their curiosity is strongly cleared such as always to ask “why”. At such times, please try to think about the answer with children, if something is difficult to understand, try to search with pictures, paintings.

Select intellectual toys. Encourage to use new-shaped toys that are reassembled by themselves instead of available toys.

For accumulating more experience, let them be exposed to the simple and creative craft toys.

      The encouragement of children to read is an effective method to create the foundation for creatively thinking new ones.


§  In the age of 5-6 – Period when children are changed from child society to adult one.

 Characteristics of children in the age of 5-6

5-6-year-old children can be a small member of society, a completed men who has sense of themselves before others. Children are able to respond, argue, or say things that are not easy to hear; however, they shall have calm as adults and can be relied. If we can hear them, in tune with their wish and teach them how to speak reasonably, we can nurture their confidence. In addition, from 6 years old, as is the gradual transition from preschool to kindergarten children should change around easily make children feel insecure, this is a very difficult time to process. This time may appear the phenomenon of “retracement” as things ever have been able to do and suddenly cannot do it now; therefore, pay attention to children with love warm.

       Approach method to children in the age of 6

      As there is only a short time when children go to primary school, teach them carefully read letters and write letters, fully equip thinking ability and basic learning skills.

      Let them listen to story about education of soul. Nurture their love, thinking way to others. In addition, carefully guide rules such as “pay to go shopping” “Do not throw garbage on streets or parks”, etc.

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