Photo-essay: JIS teachers organized a Halloween Festival full of mysterious, fascinating activities from unexpected materials

The JIS Halloween celebration held on October 31st every year is one of the longest and most fun festivals during the year in Western countries. Engaging young people with extremely mysterious games and frightening costumes, this festival has become a cultural event that people all over the world look forward to. Hundreds of students from Japanese International School (JIS) were eager to take part in this fascinating festival many days ago. Our teachers designed a fun-filled programme that appealed greatly to students, they were able to play and learn at the same time.

The pictures below may surprise viewers how JIS teacher transformed and turned extremely simple things into a fascinating spiritual feast:

In the room filled with ghostly light, the hovering “ghosts” looked frightening

These “ghosts” were made from curtain fabrics and magical light was created by gluing glossy colour paper on lamps.

Year 3 students were eager for Halloween.

Students prepared costumes, masks and did their make-up in a scary style

Originated in the West, Halloween festival has spread out worldwide and attracted many participants thanks to its appeal to children. In a multicultural educational environment, JIS teachers organised this year’s event so that students could play, have fun and learn something at the same time.

Pumpkin lanterns are one of many symbols of Halloween. Year 4 JIP and CIP students used them to compete against each other. 

They were divided into teams and had to jump holding the pumpkin lantern between their legs. This activity allowed them to do exercise and also created a fun atmosphere.

The picture of a “witch” was cut into several puzzle pieces and the task was to fit them together to create the original one. The earliest to finish was the winning team.

Witches are one of many familiar symbols of Halloween. Puzzles like this help stimulate students’ thinking, imagination and creativity.

After completing an intellectual game, students continued with another activity in which they had to run and carry a balloon to the finish line.

Students tried all methods to make oranges balloons, which resemble old ripe pumpkins, explode.​

Students took part in the costume contest.

Candies were given to students as prizes and rewards for trying hard.

Small children in Kindergarten classes of JIS also dressed up to join the Halloween celebration.

Black “capes” were designed from plastic bags

 A Halloween costume contest was picked as the theme in the birthday party for kindergarten children who were born in October.

7 children born in October sat on chairs and others sang the Happy Birthday song. This was a chance for them to get used to standing in front of a crowd.​

Teachers gave birthday presents to students.

Those are funny cute animal toys designed by our own teachers.

Tue Chi (5-year-old class – Tsuki) dressed as Princess Elsa. She loved to learn Japanese, her teacher said.

Kindergarten children listened attentively to the Halloween story

Ms. Ai Ikeda told the story of a ghost who loved to eat candies.

In the eerie space, children were captivated by the story of ghosts, witches, pumpkin lanterns, black cats, etc. in Halloween.

A space filled with mysterious images and novel stories stimulated creativity, imagination in the eyes of our children.

Children were photographed in impressive Halloween costumes

The pumpkin lanterns teacher made for the children to play in this fascinating festival.

That was not the end, children then returned to their class to change outfits and continued to play outdoors. Before leaving, students were reminded to follow the rules.

Cards with will-o’-the-wisp were given to the children. They had the duty to find all 3 ghosts to receive candy.

The children searched throughout the campus to complete the task

Ms. Luu transformed into a witch with long hair and she was caught by students. Some of them said, “You are Ms. Luu, not a ghost, they don’t have long hair.”

Students needed to have their cards stamped by the witch in order to receive fake candies made from coloured papers.

Ms. Giang also dressed as a black cat, her skirt was made from plastic bags. 

The whimsical boy dressed as a pirate

The pumpkin outfit fitted the stocky boy.

Ms. Luu “the witch” helped students pose for a photo while holding a broom.

Students in 4-year-old class played with balloons outdoors.

The children happily played with colourful balloons, which were decorated and turned into funny ghost’s heads

Originally a scary festival, it turned out to be a fun, lively and interesting event for students.

Besides kindergarten children, Primary and Secondary students also had several outdoors activities during this Halloween celebration.​

This was an opportunity for students to explore nature and life.

Students went searching throughout the school in groups, trying to complete the task list

The group of Mr. Garrett went to the lawn to look for snails, spiders or snakes.

This group of students found the school’s name in English. Everything must be photographed for proof.

Taking pictures with yellow autumn leaves 

Students were photographed with the flags of Vietnam, Japan, and England as requested. Halloween celebration designed by JIS teachers with many useful activities help students learn and play at the same time, avoid wasting time on meaningless games.

Phuong Chi