JIS students learned survival skills in case of a fire

In the morning of November 28th, Japanese International School (JIS) organized a fire prevention and fighting practice for the whole school. This is an important and necessary activity, which helps to raise people’s awareness and to know the evacuation skills in case of a real fire.

Students observed the firefighting activity in an imaginary situation

The school decided to organize this activity when the North is in its dry season and it’s more likely for fires to occur so that students better understand and be more alert. The main motive for this practice is to teach students to be organized, not to scream or stamp on each other, to use a handkerchief to prevent suffocation… When a fire breaks out, people are often prone to panic, hence it is essential to teach these basic evacuation skills, especially in a crowded setting with mostly young children like at JIS.

Assigned to coordinate this fire practice, Mr. Sekiguchi (Year 5 Class teacher – JIP) said, over a month ago, the school prepared detailed plans, assigned tasks to each department and had students walk through the plan so that they could be used to the procedure. This was the first school-wide rehearsal, but during class time, teachers also organized several life skills training activities, including fire escape. "In Japan, fire drill is an annual activity held at all schools. In Vietnam, I find students do not have the habit of bringing their handkerchiefs to class. It is very useful not only in daily activities, but also in the event of a fire, " said him.

Duong Thuc Anh, a Year 6 CIP student, said: "We have had many practices with our teachers on how and where to find school’s emergency exits. This time we learn more about how to protect ourselves in case of a fire. I hope the school will organize more lessons on useful skills like this".

In the Fire Drill, students were instructed how to assist their injured friend and observed the firefighting.

When the fire alarm went off, Kindergarten students covered their noses and silently moved to the gathering place.



2-year-old children were placed in trolleys which then would be pulled away by their teachers


Though they were very young, they remembered their teachers’ words about what to do if there was a fire.

All students gathered in one place. Teachers checked and reported the number of students in their class.



Some students remembered their lesson so well that they kept covering their nose even in the gathering place.

In the Fire Drill, an officer in the Fire Department of Ha Dong District explained some skills needed in a fire evacuation

Some teachers demonstrated how to assist an injured student to walk, assuming his leg was broken.

And how to carry someone on your back if both of their legs were injured and they could not walk.

Not only teachers but students also practiced helping their injured friend.

JIS is equipped with state-of-the-art firefighting equipment with fire extinguishers available in all buildings and huge underground water tanks under the Primary playground.

This Fire Drill was not only an occasion for students to learn evacuation skills but also for school staff to familiarize themselves with firefighting skills and procedure.



The hypothetical fire on the second floor of Secondary Building with huge columns of smoke

Students observed the firefighting to know more clearly the danger of a real fire

The JIS Fire Drill on air on channel VTC14.

Phuong Chi