GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES – Where dialectical thinking is encouraged

“Global Perspectives” subject in the International Cambridge Programme is designed with various topics about life, science, culture, and art. In today’s lesson, the topic given is “transport”. Ms. Nina opens the lesson with very simple induction questions such as:

  • What is transport?
  • How are things transported?
  • What can be transported?

–       Why are things (goods and people) transported?

All the knowledge and discussion are in English. Students work in groups – which help them to improve their communication skills and they will learn not only how to express their personal views, but also to listen to others’ ideas and have teamwork spirit. All information received through seeing, hearing and observing everyday are processed selectively. The children not only know the features and the role of different means of transport such as trains, buses, cars, aircraft, etc., but also understand the mode of transport, objects and the functions of each type of transport.

Unlike other traditional lessons, this topic-focused lesson has student think in an open-minded way, stimulate the excitement, the ability to explore, learn, and the desire to acquire knowledge in children. At the same time, thanks to teamwork, students feel less afraid of making mistakes. Besides, the lesson is built from group discussion -> conclusion making -> persuading -> critical thinking, so students are no longer confined in the role of information receiver, they become the explorers who have to defend and protect their own opinion, and be responsible for the information / words they give.

Let’s have a look at the products of Year 4 CIP in Japanese International School in their first lesson!