On Tuesday (July 24th), JIS organized a field trip to the school’s farm for Year 3 and 4 in CIP with plans to organize more similar trips for the whole school after that. The aims of the trip are to:

  • let students see the origin of the fresh food they have been eating every day at school
  • have fun and exciting experience
  • open their minds and learn many useful things from farming and cultivating

– The trip started at 8.15 a.m. and the farm is located in the suburbs of Thanh Cao town, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi city. The two classes were divided into 4 groups, each had a supervising teacher. Students were discovering the natural world through real-life experiences: practice to be farmers, get acquainted with them, observe and learn about the pigs, chickens, geese, and fish.

– Our students got to visit small farms, bathed the ducks with their own hands and took turns to feed the chickens and the pigs! And above all, their fishing skills are amazing. Most of the students learned how to be patient through this fishing experience. Not only that, the children developed the spirit of mutual support, helped their friends when they need and were excited to bring back the fruits of their work. Students know to compare the places they have been to, how their impressions differ, many of whom also made plan to bring their products back to their parents and families as gifts.

– In addition, through many games and activities, those new students who were shy showed significant improvement in communicating, exchanging ideas and cooperating with classmates very naturally.

– This particular experience, or other activities that JIS devises in general, is the most helpful communication channel for our students and for them to learn new knowledge in an engaging way. Therefore, our teachers and the school believe that these positive lessons are very meaningful and will help students grow up in the coming years.

– Your attention and support of similar activities from the school are appreciated in order to let our students have a meaningful school life.