Explore the school – an uncommon lesson containing a meaningful message

In the afternoon of September 11th, Year 1 JIP students at Japanese International School (JIS) learned about functional departments with the help of Year 2 students as part of their Life subject’s curriculum. Through this activity, students can draw several meaningful lessons.

Mr. Yamada Sho instructs students to explore the Sports building

Year 1 students are new to the school, so they do not know all the classrooms or functional rooms in the school. Therefore, in the Life lesson they are divided into groups guided by Year 2 students, exploring different areas in the school. The atmosphere is quite electric.

Each group of students, hand in hand, explores functional rooms such as the school office, the Sports building, the labs … upon teacher’s requests. This activity helps children visualize, understand more clearly the size and space of the school, and with older children helping younger ones, mutual affection, harmony and friendliness are encouraged.

Below are some pictures of this simple yet uncommon learning activity:

Students are reminded not to cause too much noise in their exploration

Year 1 JIP students are divided into groups for the activity

Hand in hand, they start exploring the school campus

Students stop in front of the school office and observe

Students get help from teacher using Japanese

Visit the school’s library

Hand in hand wherever they go

Those who have finished can go to the library, read some books and rest.

A group is studying information before entering the Sports building

Ngoc Khanh