"Good mannners will open doors that a good education cannot"

When you find yourself in a luxurious European-style banquet, knowing ggod  table manners and etiquette will keep you from feeling confused and make you confident.

On May 15th, 2018, our students in grade 7 of JIS had in an exciting field trip where they joined in a European-style lunch at the Crowne Plaza hotel. This session is part of our Life-Skills education programme during this school year. It helps our students to master rules,  polite behaviour and have good table manners.

From dignified behaviour, elegant dress when entering the hotel to the practice of skills such as sitting down properly on the chair, and helping the ladies using napkins correctly, understanding the order of knives and forks and other strange -looking cutelary, having drinks, handling food, talking comfortably during the meal, being nice to the one sitting near all helped our students to act in a mature way

Before leaving, all the students and teachers joyfully took a  group photograph to commerate  the event.