JIS is Asia’s fourth strategic partner of a big Secondary school in Tokyo

On the afternoon of Nov. 22nd, Japanese International School (JIS) held a signing ceremony with Meikei High School (Tokyo, Japan). This is the result of a long process of discussing, exchanging and trying to connect, with a view to creating opportunities for students of the two schools to exchange on their academic journey.

Prof. Dr. Dao Xuan Hoc, Chairman of JIS School Board, signed a cooperation agreement with Mr. Jun Miyazaki, representative of Meikei High School.

According to the agreement, the two schools will become strategic partners in education and training. From 2020, JIS students will have the option to transfer to Meikei High School and vice versa. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Prof. Dr. Dao Xuan Hoc, Chairman of JIS School Board, expressed his deep gratitude to the Management Team of Meikei High School. "This strategic partnership is the best proof of mutual understanding and trust. Students of the two schools will have more opportunities to exchange culture, develop their career and cooperate for a better future, " Prof. Dr. Dao Xuan Hoc said.

According to Mr. Jun Miyazaki, representative of Meikei High School, JIS is the first school in Vietnam and fourth in Asia that Meikei signs cooperation agreement, bringing its total number of partners to 20 schools around the world. Meikei's strategic partnership with JIS is based on a number of factors such as modern facilities, educational motto, development potential and rigorous standards.

"I have travelled to many international schools in Vietnam, but very few have a good educational environment, in harmony with nature as well as a clear, unique direction and core values like JIS. When I interact with students, they are very confident, open-minded and quite fluent in both Japanese and English. In the classroom I notice that every small thing is very organized. I am particularly impressed with the large, clean 4-season swimming pool and the organic vegetable garden providing ingredients for the students' meals. This is a rare thing to find in a school in Vietnam, even in Japan there are few schools which can do this. You have been in operation for 3 years and what you have achieved make me feel very surprised and admire. Actually, I think JIS is equivalent to modern high schools in Japan”, Mr. Jun Miyazaki shared with JIS online and said he was ready to welcome the JIS student delegation to visit Meikei High School in their field trip to Tokyo in 2019.

Mr. Jun Miyazaki talked to JIS students in the Library of Secondary building.

The collaboration between JIS and Meikei High School has created more opportunities for JIS students to access advanced education in the world. Prior to that, JIS has also signed cooperation agreements with some schools such as Ikuei Sendai Gakuen High School, Yachiyo Shoin High School, Chuo University (Japan), and become a member of the education system of the University of Cambridge (UK). National). JIS is continuing its talks to build collaborations with some leading Japanese universities in the coming time.

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