Creativity: 2-year-old children made gift cards for their mothers on October 20th from … vegetables

Colourful heart-shaped cards are the gift that children of 2-year-old class in Japanese International School (JIS) made for their mothers on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, October the 20th.

The lovely Hung Tien is making his “gift”

While other 2-year-old children still need to be fed, our 2-year-old students in Clover class at JIS have been taught to eat, sleep, and have interacted with basic art and creative activities. In a recent lesson, the children were instructed to make gift cards for their mother on October 20th.

Dressed in handmade clothes, the children were excited and focused on making their “gift". Trays of watercolours, vegetable stalks, carrots trimmed in flower shapes on the tarpaulin opened a colourful world in front of them. The little hands dipped the vegetables in the water-colour and then pressed them on heart-shaped papers to create beautiful shapes. Many rolled up their sleeves, not afraid to get their fingers dirty, trying to make this meaningful gift for their mothers.

According to Ms. Hoàng Thị Thu Phượng, teachers of Clover class discussed and came up with the idea to make the lesson more interesting. “The use of vegetables help students learn to observe very familiar things in life and develop creative thinking and aesthetic sense. We hope the cards they make for their mothers are not only a meaningful gift but also an addition to their love”. She added that in previous lessons, students learned how to draw flowers using their fingers and toes.

Below are some pictures of the lesson in which students in Clover class made gift cards for their mothers:

Ms. Phuong guided students on how to use water colours.

Students used the carrots trimmed by their teachers to dip into water colours to create beautiful motifs.

Teachers provided detailed instructions so that students could make beautiful cards for their mothers.

All students rolled up their sleeves and concentrated on their products.

The tarpaulin covered the table’s surface to ensure cleanliness

Flower and leaf motifs were created from ordinary vegetables by those little hands.

It’s worth having stains in order to make pretty gift cards for their mothers.

The card made by Duc Phuc is beautiful.

Ms. Phuong brought students’ “products” out in the sun to dry them so that later students gave them to their mothers.

Thanh Trung