Cambridge International Program at JIS

The traditional school was developed in the late 19th Century. The concept of factories inspired schools and standardisation – one –size-fits –all, fixed daily school schedules and harsh bells signalling breaks and fixed lessons.

Many schools globally look and operate as they did 20, 50 or even 100 years ago – even though most of the world has changed dramatically with:

  • Globalisation and a dynamic labour market
  • Cross-border competition and collaboration.
  • Information technology and the unlimited flow of information

Life of tomorrow provides very different challenges than the world of yesterday. But technology and education research has given us new tools and insights into learning. Today we know that learning is far more than just teaching.

Today’s students have to prepare for a world of cross-border competition and collaboration. The ability to understand other cultures and languages, especially English, and to meet international standards is crucial. This does not mean that the student’s own rish Vietnamese cuture and heritage will be secondary. On the contrary. A globalised world needs “Glocal Education”. That is, a combination of the highest international standards with a strong anchorage in Vietnamese culture, language and community.

In the Cambridge International Programmes at JIS students will learn the Core Subjects – Maths, Sciences, English, Global Perspectives and Morality in English for 25 periods per week, 2-4 lessons of PE, music, art, Japanese taught by Japanese and Vietnamese and about 6-8 lessons in Vietnamese – Vietnamese Language, Vietnamese History and Geography.

This is why we introduce the Cambridge Programmes into our school. It is an important resource for students who wish to learn in English and who need additional challenges, preparing for universities abroad and seeking a deeper understanding of other countries and languages.