Class observation: parents engaged in a famous traditional Japanese game with their children

Using trash to make the traditional Kendama toy which is highly popular in Japan, teachers of the 3-year-old Kindergarten class – Hana – in Japanese International School (JIS) created a fun lesson for their students. For some parents who came to observe, even they were so attracted to the game that they lost all track of time.

Creativity: 2-year-old children made gift cards for their mothers on October 20th from … vegetables

Colourful heart-shaped cards are the gift that children of 2-year-old class in Japanese International School (JIS) made for their mothers on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, October the 20th.

Photo-essay: No sweets, cakes or fruits, kindergarten teachers still organized a “flawless” birthday party for our children

In the morning of Sept. 27th, kindergarten teachers at Japanese International School (JIS) organized a birthday party for children born in September. Although there were no sweets or fruits, the teachers still turned it into a warm, meaningful and fun celebration with the participation of kindergarten students. The birthday celebration in many other kindergarten schools […]

Unique teaching methods of a famous Japanese teacher attract Vietnamese students

Students were excited and engaged in learning how to do maths quickly and read words aloud, thanks to the unique teaching method of Prof.Kageyama Hideo.

“Quiet” people share meaningful things they learn when working at JIS

As people who do “quiet” job every day at the school since the beginning, our securities and gardeners share several meaningful things they learn here.

Photo-essay: How do Vietnamese students learn Japanese table manners?

At JIS, every lunch is not only a meal but also a time when students are trained to eat nicely, not to waste food, to practice teamwork, and to build gratitude. The pictures of JIS children's lunch below will interest many people when the things thought to be found only in Japan are being done every day by the young generation of Vietnam.

2. Phương pháp giáo dục sớm

(Tiếng Việt) Phương pháp giáo dục cho trẻ từ 0-6 tuổi