(Tiếng Việt) Cô giáo dẫn các con thơ lên vườn rau ngang trời dạy học

Những hình ảnh trong video này ghi lại một buổi học trên vườn rau của cô trò lớp Song ngữ 3 tuổi. Mặc dù bầu bí nhưng cô Hoa, cô Hà vẫn dắt đàn con thơ leo 4 tầng lên tận sân thượng để có giờ học thực tế về các loại rau củ quả vẫn có trong bữa ăn hàng ngày.

More universities granted Cambridge Int’l Level A qualification

Four more universities in Việt Nam have been recognised with a Cambridge International A Level qualification. The co-operation memorandum signing between the Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Cambridge University Press. Four more universities in Việt Nam have been granted Cambridge International’s Level A qualification. – VNS Photo The signing ceremony between the four […]

Photos: JIS students go to Tokyo restaurant to learn about Japanese eating etiquettes

December 12th, students at grade 7 – JIP programme, Japanese International School took part in Japanese eating etiquette session at Tokyo Deli restaurant. Students are taught basic Japanese eating etiquettes such as how to use napkins, chopsticks, how to pick up foods, how to swallow, and how to enjoy some typical Japanese cuisine with guidance from Ryo Ozawa, a Japanese teacher. 

JIS students learned survival skills in case of a fire

In the morning of November 28th, Japanese International School (JIS) organized a fire prevention and fighting practice for the whole school. This is an important and necessary activity, which helps to raise people’s awareness and to know the evacuation skills in case of a real fire.

Class observation: parents engaged in a famous traditional Japanese game with their children

Using trash to make the traditional Kendama toy which is highly popular in Japan, teachers of the 3-year-old Kindergarten class – Hana – in Japanese International School (JIS) created a fun lesson for their students. For some parents who came to observe, even they were so attracted to the game that they lost all track of time.

JIS is Asia’s fourth strategic partner of a big Secondary school in Tokyo

On the afternoon of Nov. 22nd, Japanese International School (JIS) held a signing ceremony with Meikei High School (Tokyo, Japan). This is the result of a long process of discussing, exchanging and trying to connect, with a view to creating opportunities for students of the two schools to exchange on their academic journey.

Not to miss: Taking students into deep forest, JIS teachers taught them how to survive in the forest

In today’s society full of challenges and changes, it is necessary to know survival skills as the more practice a person has, the better they can adapt. As adults, we always try to protect children by all means; however, the best way for them to overcome difficulties and danger in life is to equip them with “survival” skills. With this in mind, on November 16th, Japanese International School (JIS) organized a field trip to Ban Rom ecotourism area in Soc Son District. The theme of the field trip was “Survival skills in deep forest”.

Photo-essay: JIS teachers organized a Halloween Festival full of mysterious, fascinating activities from unexpected materials

The JIS Halloween celebration held on October 31st every year is one of the longest and most fun festivals during the year in Western countries. Engaging young people with extremely mysterious games and frightening costumes, this festival has become a cultural event that people all over the world look forward to. Hundreds of students from Japanese International School (JIS) were eager to take part in this fascinating festival many days ago. Our teachers designed a fun-filled programme that appealed greatly to students, they were able to play and learn at the same time.

Students are interested in exploring marine life in the heart of… Hanoi

On the morning of October 12th, Year 6 students of the Cambridge International Programme, Japanese International School (JIS) had a study session at the aquarium Vinpearlland – a famous place in Hanoi with many aquatic species. Students expressed their interest in observing and learning about a world of creatures that they saw for the first […]

Creativity: 2-year-old children made gift cards for their mothers on October 20th from … vegetables

Colourful heart-shaped cards are the gift that children of 2-year-old class in Japanese International School (JIS) made for their mothers on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, October the 20th.

Photo-essay: No sweets, cakes or fruits, kindergarten teachers still organized a “flawless” birthday party for our children

In the morning of Sept. 27th, kindergarten teachers at Japanese International School (JIS) organized a birthday party for children born in September. Although there were no sweets or fruits, the teachers still turned it into a warm, meaningful and fun celebration with the participation of kindergarten students. The birthday celebration in many other kindergarten schools […]

Students learn how to make Mooncakes in an attempt to preserve traditions

teachers of Japanese International School (JIS) organized the Mid-Autumn Festival for all students in the school. Besides exciting performances, the activity of making mooncake organized by teachers in the school has engaged students because they not only make beautiful cakes themselves, but also understand better the traditions of Vietnam.