Early education

Class observation: parents engaged in a famous traditional Japanese game with their children

Using trash to make the traditional Kendama toy which is highly popular in Japan, teachers of the 3-year-old Kindergarten class – Hana – in Japanese International School (JIS) created a fun lesson for their students. For some parents who came to observe, even they were so attracted to the game that they lost all track of time.

Impressive: Hundreds of Vietnamese students gave their all in a very Japanese Sports Day 

On October 26th, at Ha Dong Indoors Sports Stadium (Hanoi), Japanese International School (JIS) organised its 2018 Sports Day for Primary and Secondary students. Over 20 events organized in a unique and way attracted hundreds of students to do their best and experience unforgettable moments.

“Admire” the desirable organic farm which is 2,3 hectares in area and a vegetable garden which measures 2.000 m2 of a school 

A rooftop vegetable garden which measures 2,000 m2 and a farm of 2.3 hectares in Thanh Cao commune, Thanh Oai province, Hanoi with fruit trees and animal husbandry help to provide fresh ingredients for the school’s kitchen and serve as a field trip destination for our students.

Creativity: 2-year-old children made gift cards for their mothers on October 20th from … vegetables

Colourful heart-shaped cards are the gift that children of 2-year-old class in Japanese International School (JIS) made for their mothers on the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, October the 20th.

Photo-essay: No sweets, cakes or fruits, kindergarten teachers still organized a “flawless” birthday party for our children

In the morning of Sept. 27th, kindergarten teachers at Japanese International School (JIS) organized a birthday party for children born in September. Although there were no sweets or fruits, the teachers still turned it into a warm, meaningful and fun celebration with the participation of kindergarten students. The birthday celebration in many other kindergarten schools […]

Students learn how to make Mooncakes in an attempt to preserve traditions

teachers of Japanese International School (JIS) organized the Mid-Autumn Festival for all students in the school. Besides exciting performances, the activity of making mooncake organized by teachers in the school has engaged students because they not only make beautiful cakes themselves, but also understand better the traditions of Vietnam.

Tears and lessons on the JIS soccer pitch

Tears fell on the faces of Japan International School's (JIS) soccer players during their first friendly match after losing 4-0 to the Vietnam Australia International School (VAS). Sadness and tears are understandable because this concerns their pride and their sincere love for football, but  what ismore important is what they learned from this match.

Unique teaching methods of a famous Japanese teacher attract Vietnamese students

Students were excited and engaged in learning how to do maths quickly and read words aloud, thanks to the unique teaching method of Prof.Kageyama Hideo.

Explore the school – an uncommon lesson containing a meaningful message

In the afternoon of September 11th, Year 1 JIP students at Japanese International School (JIS) learned about functional departments with the help of Year 2 students as part of their Life subject’s curriculum. Through this activity, students can draw several meaningful lessons.

Học sinh vào chuồng lợn, ra vườn chuối khám phá thế giới sinh vật

Vào chuồng lợn vuốt ve đàn lợn con, ra vườn cây quan sát, tìm kiếm côn trùng, chim chóc...Đó là buổi học thực tế môn Khoa học của học sinh lớp 6 Hệ CIP, Trường Quốc tế Nhật Bản tại nông trại của nhà trường. 

Teachers and students at JIS welcome new school year at the Opening Ceremony

On Sept. 05th, Japanese International School (JIS) solemnly held its School Opening Ceremony of the new school year 2018 - 2019 for students at three levels: kindergarten, elementary and secondary school.

Mr. Dao Xuan Hoc: “The school cares deeply about character education”

“Being bright and brilliant is good, but it is more important to have a good personality!”, that is the message anyone who comes to JIS will be able to see and they can understand better through witnessing lessons and activities of students in the school.