A Japanese teacher shares the special method used to improve attainment in children

Mr. Kageyama Hide, founder of the  Kageyama method, will share the way to educate children to develop beyond the usual patterns in the talk held on September 16th at Japanese International School (JIS).

To enhance the quality of learning and teaching discipline to students has always been the prime concern of not only JIS but also our parents. With that in mind, JIS works constantly to provide our students with the best leaning environment whose core value lies in character education. 

On Sept. 16th in the morning, JIS will hold a special seminar on "Teaching Children beyond the usual patterns" for parents and students of our school. The speaker is Kageyama Hide, founder of the "Kageyama Method of Study", which is a way to improve academic performance by repeatedly learning or doing the right thing.

Mr.Kageyama Hide

Born in Asago District, Hyōgo Prefecture, Kageyama Hide began his educational career as a teacher at an elementary school in his hometown after becoming a law graduate at Okayama University. In April 2003, he started acting as Principal of Dojo Elementary School in Onomichi City.

During his time working in the education sector, he implemented educational methods such as Soroban mathematics, application of ICT equipment, repeatedly learning Chinese characters, mathematics … to improve the quality of learning of students. At present, he acts as an educational consultant for many localities and conducts seminars to share experiences on Kageyama method, thus contributing to the achievement of students' learning quality. 

This free and meaningful event will take place from 10-12 a.m. on Sunday, September 16th (opened from 9:30 a.m.), on the 5th floor auditorium. JIS cordially invites you to register for the event. All channels of communication with the school are opened and the deadline is August 30th.

Ngoc Khanh